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How do we make Every Day Matter?
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For generations, people across the world have come to us for help.

  • Less to worry about
  • Health & Happiness
  • Invest my money well
  • Protect my family

In a busy, crowded world they can always find us. Because wherever we go, we make our brand mark stand out.

It's our symbol to the world - one that people recognise and one we proudly put on everything we do.

Around the world, we always treat our brand with great care and consistency so, wherever a person is, they know what they can expect from us.

People come to us with many different needs

They come to us to protect their families and plan for their future.

They come to us to invest

We have institutional investors.

We have partners who promote our products to their own customers.

And thousands of advisers and specialists recommend us to their clients.

No matter who they are, how they come in or what they need, every Legal & General customer can expect the same great experience

Our personality is what helps people get to know us and build trust in us.

  • Expert

    Applying our experience, skills and resources to help our customers.

  • Understanding

    Working hard to get to know the unique needs of every customer.

  • Straight-Talking

    Communicating clearly an without fuss.

  • Confidence

    Using our great track record of success to help people make the right decisions.

We all have a big part to play in giving our customers what they need. To help us, we have a set of values that guide our behaviour.


We're stronger when we work together, so we share information and collaborate.


Everything we do is about delivering for our customer. We think about what they need and how we can help them.



In 2014 we settled 125,018 claims making our customers feel more secure


We don't do do things by half, we get the job done.


We tell the truth to our colleagues and our customers, even if it's a tough topic.

The money that our customers entrust us with fuels LGIM

LGIM take the money which is about £706 BILLION, and invest it in projects around the world to make oney for individuals and our business

We have a team that invests money for us, Legal & General Capital, and that's how we make our profits.

  • Legal & General Capital (LGC)
  • Legal & General Retirement (LGR)
  • LGAS Insurance and Savings
  • Legal & General America (LGA)

This money is building schools and housing across the UK to help people have better lives.

Some of it goes into local projects with charities and other partners to make our communities healthier and more secure.

'Legal & General in £15bn infrastructure pledge for UK.'
'L&G boss Nigel Wilson steps into the breach.'
This is Money
'Legal & General CEO Sees Potential to Invest $24 Billion in UK.'

We're a big company and we have a lot of influence on the UK economy.

Some of it goes into local projects with charities and other partners to make our communities healthier and more secure.

It's a responsibility we're happy to have.

So everyday, we do our best to help people secure their future. It might be small things; it might be life changing.

For 200 years we've been helping people, and our brand is a big part of how they choose us and why they trust us.

We are one company, one brand, wherever we go.

You play a role in making this happen, so that we can continue to BUILD our business,HELP more people, and build a more POSITIVE future for all.